The International Guild of Musicians in Dance
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The International Guild of Musicians in Dance (IGMID) is an organization that is dedicated to fostering collaborative relationships between dancers and musicians. IGMID was formed in Brockport, NY in the winter of 1990 to address the particular concerns of musicians working the the field of art dance, and to promote its members' efforts in the field.

  • To document the history of musicians in dance
  • To foster collaborations between dancers and musicians
  • To establish standards of excellence for musicians in dance
  • To establish training programs for musicians in dance

Both a US/World chapter and a European chapter of the Guild have members who create, perform, write about, and teach music for ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, and concert ethnic dance. Although many of our members undoubtedly gig in clubs, we are concerned with music for dance on the concert stage, not recreational dance.

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